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How do you know you're at the right place? Here's 3 reasons:

  1. We sell beach towels.
  2. We can embroider or print your artwork on to any of our towels.
  3. We can send you the aforementioned beach towels at cheap bulk prices!

Sounds like a site that sells promotional beach towels to me! And that's exactly right. We are the promotional beach towel experts and are proud to offer our customers a vast and varying range of beach towels which each have their own branding options.

Whether it's printing or embroidery you're after, we can surely be of service to you. To get started, click on the image above to start browsing our entire range or you can view our most popular towels below!

Our Most Popular Branded Beach Towels

Tropicana beach towels come in a terrific range of colours
from $44.05 to $33.53 ea
48 min qty
Logo Beach Towel
Logo Beach Towels are cabana striped styled
from $39.07 to $31.11 ea
48 min qty
Soft Palmdale
Soft Palmdale beach and sport towels use long lasting fiber reactive designs
from $40.55 to $33.95 ea
48 min qty
Printed Beach Towel
Printed Beach Towels for the beach or sport are made from ultra soft velour
from $45.17 to $37.56 ea
48 min qty
Custom Beach Towel
Custom Beach Towels come with a preprinted summer surf scene
from $45.17 to $37.56 ea
48 min qty

New Beach Towels!

900mm x 1680mm
Marsden Beach Towels measure 900mmW x 1680mmH.
from $46.32 to $29.63 ea
25 min qty
Full View Beach Towel
711mm x 1473mm
Full View Beach Towels are a generous towel being 147cm long and 71cm wide.
from $41.27 to $34.66 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Printed Beach Towel
1500mm x 750mm
Full Colour Printed Beach Towels are an impressive promotional tool for summer promotions.
from $40.43 to $33.08 ea
100 min qty
White Cotton Beach Towel
810mm x 1525mm
White Cotton Beach Towels are dobby hemmed velour beach towels
from $38.74 to $29.37 ea
48 min qty
White Turkish Beach Towel
890mm x 1525mm
White Turkish Beach Towels are made from superior combed cotton
from $44.25 to $34.25 ea
48 min qty
Large Turkish Beach Towel
810mm x 1525mm
Large Turkish Beach Towels are available in five different colours
from $45.10 to $35.99 ea
48 min qty
Riviera Beach Towel
810mm x 1625mm
Riviera Beach Towels are sized 80cms x 160cms
from $59.04 to $45.13 ea
48 min qty
Cancun Beach Towel
760mm x 1525mm
Cancun Beach Towels come in turquoise, lime green, pink and coastal blue
from $44.50 to $36.75 ea
48 min qty

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